Related Projects

DANSE Project
"DANSE aims at developing new approaches to the design and management of the operation of SoS based on: advanced methodologies based on a new evolutionary, adaptive and iterative SoS life-cycle model; semantically sound models based on the notion of contracts; innovative architectures that provide the infrastructure to allow the dynamic affiliation of components so that the behaviour of the ensemble is not disturbed; novel supporting tools for analysis, simulation, and optimization; organized in an integrated environment."

"COMPASS will augment existing industry tools and practice with an underlying modelling language in which SoS architectures and contracts can be expressed… Technical advances in COMPASS are focussed on industry needs evaluated through substantial industry-led case studies in three diverse and complementary areas."

"The 24-month T-AREA-SoS Support Action addresses ICT-2011.3.3 … to analyse international research agendas to prepare concrete joint R&D initiatives for international collaboration, particularly with the USA in the area of System of systems (SoS)."


"International Council on Systems Engineering"