Objectives & Impacts

The overarching aim of Road2SoS is to develop research and engineering roadmaps to identify future RTD and Innovation (RTD+I) strategies for Europe in the field of SoS Engineering in four key domains.

Moreover, the specific goals pursed by the project are:

  • Facilitate a better understanding on SoS
  • Provide an insight on most relevant trends and upcoming SoS developments
  • Favour the rapprochement of collaboration links among the SoS community
  • Deliver recommendations on most relevant SoS research priorities to the European Commission


  • Deliver insights on new solutions for SoS Engineering
  • Push forward the limits of SoS Engineering via roadmaps and case studies
  • Transfer SoS Engineering RTD+I results to relevant stakeholders
  • Identify roadmap trends in research, development and innovation and link them to future possible products and applications
  • Understand technical, social and economical enablers and barriers as well as identify effects of SoS implementation
  • Disseminate benefits of using a SoS approach to address societal needs instead of using existing processes, technologies and methods
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  • Grant Agreement No. 288274
  • Project duraction 01.10.2011 - 31.10.2013