KIT - Engineering Mathematics and Computation Lab

The “Engineering Mathematics and Computing Lab” (EMCL) of the Karlsruher Institute of Technology (KIT), directed by Prof. Dr. Vincent Heuveline, is a centre dedicated to interdisciplinary research activities with focus on technology transfer in the domains of scientific computing, numerical optimisation, high-performance computing and related topics. In cooperation with institutes of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technologies and industrial partners, the EMCL currently works on topics in the areas of Energy Research; Meteorology and Environmental Sciences; and Medical Engineering and Biotechnology.
These topics are mapped in the structure of the EMCL by means of thematic “Computing Labs” (CLs). The topic-driven Computing Labs are complemented by cross-sectional Computing Labs dedicated to Hardware-aware Numerics; Scientific Visualization; IT Management and Infrastructure. Driven by the latest scientific findings, the EMCL is tensely connected in research networks and highly recognized for implementing numerical simulations leading to reliable information for decision makers based on incomplete data: Projects such as the simulation of tropical cyclones optimized to specific regions and time-frames of interest are highly valuable, delivering reliable and fast information for usage in disaster management and energy market pricing. In collaboration with industrial, academic and municipal partners, the support of mobile devices is fundamental for public information, decision making and coordinated and robust SoS collaboration, data retrieval and emergency management.

Contribution to Road2SoS
The EMCL contributes its competencies and networks in the application-areas of Energy Research and Emergency Management, and analyse the RTD results and innovations in SoS Engineering with a technology driven approach. The identification of technology and innovation push factors, will be complimented by the development of application-specific roadmaps for future SoS Engineering.

Prof. Dr. Vincent Heuveline
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