CEA - Laboratoire d’électronique des technologies de l’information

CEA-LETI, the Laboratory for Electronics & Information Technology is operated by Direction de la Recherche Technologique, at CEA, the French Atomic Energy and Alternatives Energy Commission. CEA-LETI’s important tasks aim at helping companies to increase their competitiveness through technological innovation and at transferring its technical know-how to industry. Being a major player in the MINATEC Micro-Nano technologies innovation center, CEA-LETI benefits from 8000 square metres state-of-the-art clean rooms worth some 160 million Euros. The lab is currently employing some 1600 people among 1100 CEA employees and more than 100 people from industrial partners, working on the CEA-LETI premises within the framework of bilateral collaborations. Moreover, CEA-LETI is undergoing research activities together with industrial partners in earth transportation systems through its Systems Department (DSIS).

Concerning the important issues of global energy and CO2 reduction, CEA-LETI and its alliances aim at the design of a sophisticated traffic management and at the development of full electric vehicles. These CEA-LETI research activities include also the energy reduction of the domestic home. Furthermore, CEA is member of the steering board of the European association ARTEMIS IA grouping all the relevant stakeholders in the domain of embedded and intelligent systems.
CEA-LETI is an active member in EARPA Task Forces for Urban Mobility and Electrics and Communication as well as in ERTRAC experts working group.
Since 2007, CEA-LETI has engaged its research activities concerning transportation and traffic within the framework of System-of-Systems Engineering. While dealing with Transport and Traffic management, CEA-LETI has established with several partners very innovative projects whose results will have a direct influence in the constitution of roadmaps for traffic management, e.g.:

  • CEA-LETI and Renault are currently building a platform for energy and autonomy of Full Electric Vehicle
  • METRAMOTO, a national ANR-VTT project, will design an instrumentation of selection and identification of Two Wires Vehicles
  • ADVICE, a national PREDIT project, will design a new system for dynamic allocation of roads for Bus traffic.

Contribution to Road2SoS
CEA LETI will participate in the elaboration of roadmaps concerning Multimodal Traffic Control. CEA-LETI is currently developing new sensors and systems bricks such as middleware and sensors network which could be used for systems of systems in Multimodal Traffic Control.

Dr. Philippe Liatard
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