IfM Education and Consultancy Services

IfM Education & Consultancy Services Limited (IfM ECS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of Cambridge.

IfM Education and Consultancy Services (IfM-ECS) provides a rapid dissemination route for new ideas and approaches developed at the Cambridge University Institute for Manufacturing (IfM). Industrial practitioners engage directly with industry, governments and agencies via consultancy, executive education and events. Our approach is very different to conventional consultancy, involving working collaboratively to co-develop solutions, often based on IfM research outputs, and focusing on transferring knowledge as well as delivering business results. Engagements help to both inform and fund future IfM research. IfM ECS is an acknowledged centre of expertise in roadmapping, having completed more than 200 such projects with a wide range of companies and public sector bodies (e.g. Airbus, Microsoft, Vodafone, GKN, ABB, BOC, MoD, Crown, Caterpillar, EADS and Royal Mail, the Australian Automotive Collaborative Research Centre, the UK Technical Strategy Advisory Group).

Contribution to Road2SoS
The IfM’s expertise includes global supply network design and supply chain configuration, to global configuration of manufacturing locations, to manufacturing systems integration and automation. More recently the IfM has been working on an interdisciplinary research project to understand and map how new industries emerge. This has involved integrating different research strands and case studies into a common framework and has provided useful insights on the critical factors that influence the development of new industrial sectors. We anticipate this work will be directly relevant to the Road2SoS project.

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