Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) is one of the largest Universities in Spain and all around Europe and is an important institution in terms of higher education and research activities. The University comprises 30 colleges and 39 research institutes. Together, UCM consists of more than 185 departments and employs more than 10.300 people as well as covers a large variety of scientific fields. Among the UCM departments, the Applied Optics Complutense Group (AOCG) is a research group (of 40 scientists) with diverse activities and support in many industrial and cooperative projects of regional, national, European scope, each with special emphasis on SME. These research projects aim at technology and innovation strategies, technology management processes, technology intelligence, industry and technology evolution, new product and tools development for industrial sustainability.

AOCG develops optoectronics, electroptics, photonics, and embedded electronics devices in its laboratories and engages in their usage to applied industrial metrology, renewable energies and in the developments for environmental and civil engineering, e.g. traffic, security, signaletic, and citizen services.

Engaging in the field in the System-of-Systems, AOCG has gained experience in Smart Emergency configurations as well as in complex and variable solutions to intercommunication satellites via photo-encrypted technology, such as photonics transceiver for the European Space Administration.

Contribution to Road2SoS
UCM will contribute to the Road2SoS project by collecting information and developing research strategies in the field of emergency and crisis management through reviewing research papers and interviewing experts from academia and industry.

Prof. Dr. Eusebio Bernabéu
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