Prodigy Consultores SL

PRODIGY CONSULTORES is a consultancy firm that offers integral solutions for strategy, development, methodology and business in the field of research, development and innovation (RDI). The consultancy mainly covers the following sectors: information and communication technologies (ICT) with specialisation in tourism, environment and renewable energies. PRODIGY arises as a result of the combination of a team with more than 20 years of experience in the field of the RDI and the coordination of more than 200 projects presented at regional, national, European and international level. The mission of PRODIGY is to contribute in the social and economic development of all the places we are working. Especially, the company seeks:

  • To help companies to reach their business challenges, providing different innovative solutions based on sectorial knowledge and effective use of RDI.
  • To generate wealth and transmit knowledge, technology and innovation.
  • To convert RDI in a key factor of competitiveness in public administrations.

PRODIGY has electronics engineers among his staff who have experience in the programming, installation and usage of embedded systems and System-of-Systems (SoS). PRODIGY has participated in projects based on distributed systems in which each of its components (system itself) are dedicated to a specific task and coordination ensures performance of system as a whole.

Due to the PRODIGY’s participation in projects involving security systems for airports and tourism industry, the company possesses expertise with security protocols applied to detection of potentially dangerous agents, automated alerting, and safe operating modes for crisis management.

Contribution to Road2SoS
PRODIGY CONSULTORES contributes actively to the overall project implementation. More specifically, PRODIGY together with the other partners will design a survey of the specific needs in the SoS engineering sector, which will collect information from organisations throughout Europe.
Since PRODIGY possesses significant expertise in the field of emergencies and crisis management, they will actively contribute in all the aspects of the projects related to this field, especially in the matters related to roadmapping, case studies and analysis.

Dolores Ordóñez, PhD
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